A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Disclaimer: This was a game produced during LDJam 39 and it is totally not feature complete! Also, I'm not an Electrical Engineer, so you probably don't want to connect the power source of your circuit-breaker to both polar sides of a battery (if something like that is even possible).

(if it is, please don't try it at home).

HOW TO PLAY: This is a simple 'pipe' puzzle in which you have to turn the tiles (tap!) or change their places (drag!) so you connect the power-source to its battery - than, turn the power source on before you run out of time! But be careful, for no reasonable explanation there is a bomb on the circuit-breaker, and if you turn it on, the whole thing explodes!

This is the playable version of the game I intend to make for Android devices; as soon as I finish it, I'll update it here.

LINUX PROBLEM: For some weird reason the game will run with a wrong resolution as soon you start it; just resize the window so it can be displayed correctly if this happens.


Super Broken Circuit-Breaker Simulator 2017 23 MB
Super Broken Circuit-Breaker Simulator 2017.exe 16 MB

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